Why Tuk Tuks?

Why travel by Tuk Tuk?

Quite simply there’s no better way to travel or explore than by Tuk Tuk. And it’s even better if you’re travelling with The Tuk Tuk Club in one of our unique Tuk Tuks built specifically for our adventures in the mountains of Northern Thailand. Think first class rather than economy, much more comfortable seats, more head room, more leg room, cool boxes for your drinks, walkie talkies to chat with fellow travellers and even Bluetooth speakers so you can soundtrack your adventure. Now that’s the way to travel…

A road less travelled

Travelling by Tuk Tuk helps you get off the beaten track that the tourist buses stick to. Imagine driving along deserted country roads. Winding along switchbacks through high mountain passes. Pulling up at your comfy boutique hotel with a smile on your face. Then settling down for some proper Thai food, a cold Singha beer and a night of travel stories as the sun sets over the mountains of the North. That’s what travelling by Tuk Tuk gives you.

The most fun you can have on three wheels

If you’ve been to Thailand before (or pretty much anywhere else in Asia) you’ll know what’s like to be driven around in a Tuk Tuk. It’s fun, isn’t it? Open to the sights and sounds and smells of the city. But when you take a Tuk Tuk out onto the open roads, when you’re the one with you hand on the throttle and when you experience the roads we travel on, it’s genuinely amazing - The Sunday Times called it ‘the best driving holiday in the world’, and who are we to argue.

A truer connection

One of the best parts of our trips is seeing the look on people’s faces when they see a little group of travellers pull up at a restaurant, a coffee shop or a jungle Temple in bright orange Tuk Tuks. We always end up having a chat and a laugh, and usually get lots of advice on places to go and things to see. In fact, we once bumped into a big group of leather-clad Thai bikers who looped back to speak to us as we sat drinking coffee at a roadside cafe. Two hours later, the bikers had tried out our Tuk Tuks and taken some of us off  for a spin on their Harleys, we were all over each other’s social channels and we had an open invite to visit their clubhouse in Bangkok. It was a lovely and genuine connection between two sets of adventurers at a mountainside coffee stall. And its this sort of thing that happens every single day!

A feeling of freedom

Whether you’re driving your own Tuk Tuk, or relaxing in the back seat with someone else driving, you get a feeling of independence and breathing space out on the country roads in a Tuk Tuk that you’d never get crammed into a minivan taking the fastest route to the next selfie opportunity. You get time to think and relax. To stop and stare,  and you travel by roads less travelled. And meet people who share your love of travel 'off the beaten track'.

Is a Tuk Tuk Adventure for you?

If you enjoy travel, are keen to explore the very best of Northern Thailand and have a sense of adventure then of course we'd say yes! With travellers from 18-80 - and more than a few families exploring with us too - a Tuk Tuk Adventure really is for everyone with a zest for life and the desire to experience 'real' Thailand. And of course travelling along remote mountains roads by Tuk Tuk is the cherry on the top.... We used to say that we were all about putting the adventure back into travel - we've now amended this to 'putting the smiles back into travel'! Want to explore Thailand with a smile on your face (and who doesn't?) - then you've come to the right place!

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