Responsible Travel

When you love a place as much as we love Northern Thailand, you have a responsibility to make a genuinely positive contribution to the people and the place. We take that pretty seriously; it sits at the heart of everything we do.

Local Guides

The fact we have local guides helps you get a better understanding of the people, the place and the culture, and it means that the trip fee you pay ends up back in the local community.

Local Restaurants

All the restaurants, roadside cafes and snack places we use are the best in the area. They are part of the local community and run by local people. No Starbucks, no tourist traps and no big Thai chains.

Local Partners

We only work with small local activity providers on our trips. So the bamboo rafting we do is operated by the elders of a small local village and the guys who steer the rafts are from the same village. The jungle treks we do are led by guides from the village we stay in the night before. The boat trips we help arrange in Mae Hong Son are run by guys from a small village nearby. The hotels we stay in are… well, you get the point. We always work with people where the money received and the jobs created impact the local community rather than being part of a large faceless business.

Local Staff

We’re a small business and our team in Chaing Mai and northern Thailand are the heart of the business; they’re so much more than workers picking up a pay cheque. The team are key to what we do and your experience of the North, so we pay them top salaries, we treat them as the valuable and valued assets they are, and we trust them in a way that few tourism business do. There are loads of business who say this stuff, but for us it’s at the very core of everything we do.

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