Mae Hong Son


The perfect location for Northern Thailand Adventures

Mae Hong Son in the far North West of Thailand is one of the least visited but most beautiful provinces in the whole of Thailand. Huge mountains, deep forest, river, mountain communities, fascinating Temples, awesome food and loads to do for the active traveller. And not to forget some of the incredible places to stay in Mae Hong Son – from the boutique delights of Fern Resort to the rooms dotted around tea plantations in Ban Rak Thai. Mae Hong Son is a must for everyone looking to experience the ‘real’ Thailand.

The Tuk Tuk Club’s 11 Day Adventure takes our travellers through the heart of Mae Hong Son and we enjoy 5 days of the trip deep in the heart of the province enjoying the stunning mountain roads, the awe inspiring scenery and the lovely warm nature of the people who live in the far North West of Thailand.

We’ve put together a few articles to highlight some of the very best of Mae Hong Son, and even if you don’t travel with The Tuk Tuk Club, please do make sure you spend time here when you visit Thailand

The Mae Hong Son Loop

The Mae Hong Son loop is one of the most spectacular roads in Thailand and famous for having over 4,000 bends in 600km’s as it winds it’s way up and over the mountains. Famous for motorbikers, cyclists (of a particularly masochistic nature) and now Tuk Tuks! Find out more….

What to do in Mae Hong Son

A superb destination for lovers of the great outdoors and majestic scenery. Mae Hong Son is all about getting out and exploring the mountains, forests and Hill Tribe communities with a healthy dose of stunning Temples too. Read on for our list of the best things to do in Mae Hong Son


Mae Hong Son is a destination for those who love the great outdoors and believe that understated is the way to go. But that doesn’t mean that the accommodation in the province is bad – far from it, there are some superb places to stay all giving a great sense of life in Northern Thailand, and why else travel here if that’s not what you’re looking for?


Comfortably our favourite place to stay anywhere in Thailand and probably the world! You can keep your 6* pampered luxury in Dubai or your ‘a butler will follow you everywhere’ in The Four Seasons. Fern Resort, just outside Mae Hong Son town, features in The Tuk Tuk Club’s 11 Day Adventure and is the best place to stay – no arguments allowed. Read on for why we think not trip to Thailand is complete without time at Fern…

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