About The Tuk Tuk Club

About the Tuk Tuk Club

The Tuk Tuk Club has a very simple purpose - to help travellers to Northern Thailand get a truer picture of this most beautiful and welcoming part of the country and, of course, to have a huge amount of fun along the way! We’ll help you get away from the usual tourist routes and make a truer more personal connection with the people, the land and the culture. You’ll experience places, people and food that you’d never see on a normal adventure travel trip to Thailand. You’ll stay in comfortable four star hotels and rustic but comfy fantastic accommodation that few travellers even know exist. And you’ll experience everything from behind the wheel of Thailand’s most loved, most iconic and most fun mode of transport... the Tuk Tuk!

Why Northern Thailand?

Northern Thailand is the true heart and soul of this fascinating country. With it's beautiful mountains, diversity of culture, welcoming people, delicious food and amazing adventures, the North really is the very best part of Thailand to explore and enjoy.

Why Tuk Tuks?

Our trips are about so much more than cruising about in a Tuk Tuk..but having said that Tuk Tuks are the DNA of everything we do here in Northern Thailand. Simply the best way to experience the mountains of the North and to have the adventure of a lieftime....

Responsible travel

Fancy policies are of course important but even more vital is genuinely taking care of the place you love and the people who’ve welcomed you into their communities. It's just the right thing to do and underpins everything about The Tuk Tuk Club. Travelling responsibly also, of course, makes our trips more enjoyable and more rewarding for everyone involved - you, the communities we spend time in and everyone we meet along the way

Meet the team

Our team are the reason why are adventures are the very best in Northern Thailand! They're passionate. They're professional. They're local experts. They know all the best places to go. And they love nothing more than helping people explore and discover what makes our small corner of the world so special. Oh, and they're all in love with Tuk Tuks too!

"One of the most enjoyable experiences we've ever had. You're never too old to enjoy this Thai ride of a lifetime."
11 Day Adventurers

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