The Tuk Tuk Club is the best way to experience the magic of Northern Thailand and fast becoming Chiang Mai’s ‘must do’ adventure. With stunning mountains, huge forests and beautiful waterfalls, warm and welcoming people, fantastic food and great wildlife, this region offers adventurous travellers some of the best experiences in South East Asia and what better way to experience all of this than behind the ‘wheel’ of Thailand’s most iconic vehicle – the Tuk Tuk?

We have 4 different adventures making sure there’s something for everyone no matter how long or short a time you’re planning to be in Chiang Mai. But if you’d like something different still, are planning a special celebration / get together or are just incredibly adventurous and want to break new ground then have a look at our ‘private trips’ and get in touch.

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1 Day Tuk Tuk Adventure

Join us for what our travellers tell us is Chiang Mai’s best 1 day adventure! Offering the perfect combination of activties plus of course driving your very own Tuk Tuk!

Visit rural communities and Temples to see the ‘real’ Northern Thailand, learn about the future of Thailand’s elephants at a fantastic small elephant home, float gently downriver on a bamboo raft and travel between all of these locations behind the ‘wheel’ of your very own Tuk Tuk.

Does a 1 Day Adventure get any better?

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3 Day Tuk Tuk And Hill Tribe Adventure

Perfect for anyone looking for an incredible experience in Northern Thailand and to get a flavour of why this is one of the greatest places to travel. Stay in a remote Karen village, learn to cook ‘jungle style’, trek to fantastic waterfalls, travel along awesome winding mountain roads and do all of this whilst in your very own Tuk Tuk. What are you waiting for?

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5 Day Tuk Tuk Adventure

A stunning 5 day Adventure in Northern Thailand combining Hill Tribe communities, remote Temples, stunning mountain roads, trekking, fantastic food and Thailand’s wonderful Tuk Tuks. Have a superb Thai Adventure in this incredible part of the world whilst getting under the skin of the ‘real’ Thailand and amassing some of the greatest travel stories possible!

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11 Day Tuk Tuk Adventure

Our original trip and still our favourite! Described by The Sunday Times as ‘the world’s best driving holiday’ and who are we to argue. This adventure takes you into the heart of Northern Thailand, surrounding you with it’s beauty, the warmth of the people, the incredible food and the brilliant Tuk Tuks. Want to experience Thailand, have an adventure but still stay in great accommodation and have a superb team guiding you – this is the trip for you.

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Private Adventures and Bespoke Routes

If you’re looking for a great adventure and something really special as a family, group of friends or even as a business then you’ve come to the right place with The Tuk Tuk Clubs Northern Thailand adventures. Not only do we have our fantastic 1, 3, 5 and 11 Day Adventures but we can work with you to run any of these trips as a private experience or even put together something totally different and new just for you! The world, well, Northern Thailand, is your oyster…..

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