Are our Tuk Tuk Adventures really suitable for everyone?

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In a word, YES!

All our Tuk Tuk Adventures really are designed to be suitable for everyone. Whether that’s people of different ages or abilities or even experience levels. We are more than happy to make changes for people where possible and we never force people to undertake activities. We’ve had people as old as 84 or as young as 3. People on crutches and people who do ultra marathons for hobbies. No matter who you are we’re almost always able to make things work for you.

Driving our Tuk-Tuks

We’ll get the least inclusive part of our Tuk Tuk Adventures our of the way first. Unfortunately, you do have to be 18 years of age and have a driving license to be able to drive our Tuk-Tuks, but that’s about it. Our extensive training course ensures that everyone on our trips is more than ready for the open road and with a professional lead driver its super easy for anyone to follow the convoy.

The vehicles are also all automatic – meaning its pretty straightforward to drive and the lead driver will always set a suitable pace for the group (always under 50kmph). Truly, the only thing to worry about when driving our Tuk-Tuks is making sure you stay the right distance from the person in front (don’t stray too far and definitely don’t bump into them!). There’s no need for “am I too old?” or “am I too young?”, just hop behind the wheel and enjoy the adventure!

And if that still doesn’t seem right for you we can still make it work. Just opt for our Chauffeur driven Tuk Tuk Adventures and we’ll have a member of our team drive you for the entire 11 Days.

A young man learning to drive one of our Tuk-Tuks

How difficult is our hike?

The idea of a hike on a mountain in a tropical country may sound horrific, but believe it or not it is some peoples favourite parts. First of all, our hike is only 6km long (and that’s with as many detours as you could think of so its more like 5km). Then, it’s also mostly flat and downhill, starting with a truck ride up to our starting point and then looping back down to our accommodation on foot. Third, it’s almost all under the shelter of the forest canopy, so its cool and there is absolutely no harsh sunlight.

We take it extremely slow too (think 1.5-2km an hour) and make stops as many times as we need to learn about all the local plants and even sample the local fruits! There’s also a checkpoint just before the end where we can test a wide range of locally grown coffees and teas.

Finally, the hike is absolutely not compulsory, so even after all the above you don’t actually have to come along. There’s plenty to see and explore within the small farming community if you feel you need to avoid the hike.

Worried about food?

Many people worry about their food options when they travel, and rightly so! There’s such a huge range of tastes and flavours that aren’t always familiar to everyone and not everyone wants to be leaving their comfort zone when it comes to meal times – and we can’t fault people for that. And that’s even without considering medical and dietary requirements.

Thailand is a country known for its spicy dishes, but if that’s not your thing you’re in luck! Whilst authentic food in Thailand is generally of a spicier nature the north is where the milder dishes reside. Whether you’re a youngster who hasn’t developed the taste for spicy foods yet or simply don’t like it that’s not an issue. The spicy dishes do exist for those who want them there’s still a wide array of dishes that are palatable for all without compromising the authenticity. The image above features a few classic dishes with a Northern spin, garlic roasted prawns are seen at the top while there’s stir fried veg and a mild coconut curry too.

Thailand is also a highly diverse country, and the north is especially so! The influence from hill tribes and neighboring countries is especially prevalent in the food – meaning that through religious and cultural reasons dietary requirements can often be satisfied with little difficulty. Vegetarian and vegan food is easily accessible in most of our locations, or if you are celiac then gluten is also easily avoidable.

Don’t know if you’ll be able to sleep properly?

Don’t worry! We may call it an Adventure, and while it really is one, we make sure you’re staying in the best hotels each location has to offer. The hotels we use are uniquely Thai, providing great character and a welcome change from large hotel chains. At the same time though, the rooms are all in a western style with large double beds and private en-suite bathrooms so its the best of both worlds.

Khum Khun Wang - the hotel we use for the first 2 nights of our Tuk Tuk Adventures

So we really are suitable for everyone!

No matter the age there’s always something for everyone to do. We know that youngsters are often harder to keep entertained and our trips reflect that. You’ll never spend a whole day sat in a Tuk-Tuk, in fact, quite the opposite! There’s stops everywhere to keep everyone happy.

Something for everyone - one of our younger travelers fills up the fuel tank.

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