7 Day Adventure Accommodation

7 Day Adventure Accommodation

An amazing range of authentic accommodation putting you into the heart of communities

This 7 day adventure takes you deep into the heart of some of the most remote areas of Thailand and has a wide range of accommodation – from a charming rural resort and riverside hotel all the way to a genuine homestay in one of the most remote communities in the mountains.

As with all of our adventures all of the accommodation is locally owned and locally staffed meaning that your staying there has a direct, positive impact on the community itself. This positive impact is even more relevant on the final two nights where the money from our visit not only helps support the families in the village but also the elephants in the forest.

Whilst the accommodation in both village stays in simple please don’t let this put you off. The warmth of your hosts and the amazing opportunity to experience life in a mountain village more than makes up for the simple but clean nature of the accommodation

Mae Wang - night 1

On the first night of the adventure we stay in the small and charming Khum Khun Wang Resort (or similar). Located right next to Tuk Tuk Club HQ, this small family owned resort is set in lovely grounds and fruit plantations. The building is a stunning Northern style house and the rooms are spacious with large beds and big en-suite bathrooms and air-conditioning. The staff at the resort are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet and the resort feels like our very own private club house - perfect to get the adventure started. There is no bar at the hotel but don't worry - we always make a quick trip to the local store to stock up with with a few cold beers to enjoy in the resort grounds!

Mae Khlang Luang - NIghts 2 and 3

The Karen village of Mae Khlang Luang is a stunning place to be able to stay. Whilst not 'fancy' this rural lodge offers simple but clean rooms in sturdy wooden bungalows and the experience of the village. the views and the charming people come together to make this a 5* experience. Each room has en-suite facilities, wi-fi and a lovely terrace to sit out on, relax and soak up the views over the rice fields and forest. These rooms have fans rather than air-conditioning but please do note that it's never hot at night this high in the mountains and nice warm blankets are provided!


Mae Sariang is a lovely, small riverside town and we stay at the very pleasant River House Resort (or similar). River House is the best hotel in town with very nice, clean rooms, large beds, air-conditioning, en-suite facilities and each room has a lovely small balcony to enjoy. The resort is probably best described as 3* but it feels much better and the staff are always very friendly and eager to help. The resort also has lovely grounds running right down to the river - perfect for enjoying a cold beer as the sun goes down - and also a large swimming pool which always proves to be a magnet after a great day's adventure.


Staying in this village is a once ln a lifetime opportunity to experience life a million miles away from pretty much anything else you could imagine in Thailand. The mountain top village has only recently opened up to visitors and allows select groups of travellers to spend a couple of nights sharing local families houses. The houses are all simple wooden structures and you'll have a separate room with a mattress on the floor and curtains for privacy. Blankets and pillows are provided along with mosquito nets (although there are very few this high in the hills). There is access to 'western' style toilets and cold water showers. Don't let the simplicity put you off - the warmth of the community and the unbelievable experience of sharing their lives for a couple of days makes the lack of luxuries well worthwhile.

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