A travellers diary – The Tuk Tuk Club 11 Day Adventure: Day 5

We were all packed up and ready to go by 8.45am – a good start as Tony said we had a long drive today.  We came steadily down the mountain in our usual convoy with Graham keeping check at the back. 

Our first stop was at a viewpoint where we could just about make out the two pagodas that we had visited earlier in the week.  We bought some strawberries and Tony bought some cicadas which had been fried.  David, Tom and Maddie tried them – not good!  I stuck to strawberries!

Day 5 Pic 1

After another good hour’s drive, we stopped for a delicious cappuccino by a river.  We saw the local delicacy of maggots which are collected from the tree and added to soup – it smelt revolting!

Off on the road again.  This time I took the wheel or the handlebar.  I managed to successfully overtake a truck going up a hill – I think I was finally getting the hang of my friend, the Tuk Tuk, Doc!  Lunch was on the side of the road – once again, delicious!  We loved seeing all the locals transporting their produce around!

Day 5 Pic 2

Late in the afternoon, we arrived at our hotel in Mae Sariong – a new province.  We all headed straight for the pool after a very dusty drive.  It was heaven!

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