People….What Makes Travel So Great

Stunning scenery, wildlife, beaches, oceans – so much of what we all mention when talking about travel. But what makes journeys really special often are the people you meet along the way.

Unplanned and random encounters with people are what can make journeys so special and memorable, and Northern Thailand is blessed with fascinating cultures to learn about and, even more importantly, welcoming and friendly people more than happy to share their story and spend time introducing you to their community.

On some trips around the world, and in Thailand, you could easily be forgiven for thinking there are more tourists than there are local people, but get off the beaten track in Northern Thailand and you soon leave the mainstream behind and get access to life as it really is in this part of the world.

Here are a few photos of the people who’ve made our adventures so special. No, not the people who work with us, just (!) the lovely¬† people along our routes who great travellers with an open heart and a kind smile (and often a sample of delicious food!)

A flower seller in a tiny village on the border of Mae Hong Son and Chiang Mai provinces

Hard boiled eggs to go with a spot of bamboo rafting?

Stocking up on beers from a local store

Deep in the heart of Mae Hong Son province

Karen forest guide called Uncle ‘Good’ – and rarely has a name been so appropriate!

Mae Hong Son monk

Roadside snacks

Looking cool in the back of a pick up

You can never have too much garlic…….


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