5 of the best travel adventures in Thailand

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Thailand offers some of the best travel experiences in the world and scratch the surface of this fantastic country and it’s not hard to come across amazing travel adventures that will keep you reminiscing for years to come.

Of course, what makes an adventures is more than a touch subjective and we’re no different. Here’s a selection of our favourite travel adventures in Thailand for 2017 and beyond. So, in no particular order here we go.

Diving around the Similan Islands

Everyone has their own favourite dive spot and toe ‘go-to’ in Thailand always seems to be Koh Tao. Whilst Koh Tao is a lovely island and a brilliant place to learn to dive, it’s hardly quiet and understated and you’re as likely to see crowds of other divers as you are stunning marine life. So, jump over to the West coast and set yourself up with a live-aboard and explore the ocean around the Similan Islands. Whilst well known in diving circles and not off the radar, the marine life is awesome with largely untouched reefs and a real sense of adventure.

There are a fair few live aboard operators running great trip to the Similan Islands but See Bees Diving come highly recommend. Have a look at www.see-bees.com and get there before the crowds.

Following the Mekong along Thailand’s North Eastern border with Laos

Thailand’s North East is a much underrated area to explore. Home to some of the best food, friendliest people and the opportunity just to see life as it is, Isaan never leaves visitors unimpressed. Why not follow the mighty Mekong from Nong Khai in the North of Thailand all the way along the border with Laos to Ubon Ratchatani in the lower North East of Thailand. With barely visited National Parks, mountains, rice fields and more buffalo than you can shake a stick out, this journey is a real journey into the heart and soul of Thailand and one where you’re well and truly off-the-beaten-track.

This isn’t a trip where you Google around and book a tour. You’ll need some adventurous and independent spirit but the time an effort will be rewarded in full. You could use public buses and songtaews, rent a car or even brave the roads on a rented motorbike, it’s up to you, and it’s your adventure.

Trekking between Um Phang and Sangkhlaburi

Not a trek for the faint-hearted or the inexperienced and not on any standard itinerary, this adventure takes you between two stunning other worldly villages in the West of Thailand near the border with Myanmar / Burma. Just getting to Um Phang is an adventure in itself, located pretty much at the end of the most incredible mountainous and windy road. Then from there, head South through deep forests, tiny remote communities and following rivers and creeks until you reach Sangkhlaburi and……relax! A local guide is vital, being able to sleep out in the forest essential and bags of stamina and adventurous spirit a definite requirement. However, complete the trek and you’ll have an adventure you’ll never forget and a more than a few stories to tell.

This is a full on trek and needs research, stamina being happy to sleep anywhere and everywhere. A good place to start is www.trekthailand.net. They’ve run trips for intrepid travellers and know what they’re doing.

Cycling from Chiang Mai to Bangkok

The classic Thailand bike ride, heading from the mountainous North to the heat, humidity and flat lands of the Central region. There are a huge number of different routes to take, and it’s easy to avoid the busy highways, but what can be guaranteed is a warm welcome in the villages and towns you pass through, aching thighs and a huge amount of fun. The trip is anywhere between 850 and 1000km depending on your route and whilst the first couple of days have some hills to get up (and down), it’s not long before the riding is easy and you get to spend your days seeing how rural Thailand lives. There are harder bike tours in the country but we think this is ‘the’ classic and one open to pretty much everyone, not only the lightweight mountain climbers.

If you’re after an adventure where you’re looked after, have a great guide and a support vehicle then look no further than Spice Roads (www.spiceroads.com), the go to multi day bike tour experts in Asia. Looking for more of an adventure, then hire a bike, load up with water and as long as you keep the sunrise on your left and the sunset on your right, you’ll hit Bangkok eventually.

The Tuk Tuk Club

No list of great adventures in Thailand would be complete without our very own Tuk Tuk Club tour (we did say this was subjective after all!). Spending 11 days touring the back roads and mountains of Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son, while in behind the wheel of your very own Tuk Tuk takes some beating. And the big plus is that, unlike some of our other favourites, you don’t need any specialised skills or experience. Just join up and away we go. Probably the best way to experience the stunning scenery and fantastic people and culture of Northern Thailand and guaranteed to give you adventure travel bragging rights for years to come.


Advice on booking this amazing Northern Thailand adventure is easy, you’re nearly there already. If you’ve got any questions at all or are ready to pick up your keys and head off, just get in touch with us and start one of Thailand’s most unique adventure opportunities.

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