3 Day Adventure Accommodation

3 Day Adventure Accommodation

Camping and Hill Tribe villages combining to make the perfect adventure

The accommodation on our 3 Day Tuk Tuk Adventure is more adventurous than normal but takes you right into the heart the mountains and the communities who live up here.

Night one’s ‘campsite’ is in a forest clearing just outside a small Karen Hill Tribe community. All developed by the community the ‘site’ is just perfect with amazing views, a small stream and a brilliant campfire in the evening. 

Night 2 is in a small Hill Tribe village where you’ll stay in simple but very clean and comfortable wooden bungalows. Whilst not The Ritz, in terms of location, atmosphere, friendliness and experience this is a 5* resort!

Mountain campsite - night 1

It's a real privilege to be able to camp in this forest clearing just outside a small Karen Hill Tribe community. Surrounded by forest and with great mountain views. the site has a small stream (perfect for keeping your beer cool!) and there is also acccess to 'Western' style toilets and a warm shower! The tents have mattresses, pillows and warm blankets and, whilst not quite 'glamping' are incredibly comfortable. And what could be better that sitting round the campfire miles from the tourist trail with some of the friendliest people around. A Northern Thailand experience to remember.

Mae Khlang Luang - NIght 2

The Karen village of Mae Khlang Luang is a stunning place to be able to stay. The family we stay with provide with simple but clean rooms in sturdy wooden bungalows but the experience of the village. the views and the charming people make this a 5* experience. Each room has en-suite facilities, wi-fi and a lovely terrace to sit out on, relax and soak up the views over the rice fields and forest. These rooms have fans rather than air-conditioning but please do note that it's never hot at night this high in the mountains and nice warm blankets are provided!

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"I loved this trip so much and I can't imagine a better way to see this beautiful part of the country"
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