The 11 Day Tuk Tuk Adventure – a travellers diary, day 6

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Day 6’s entry from Ella…..

My diary of a Tuk Tuk Adventure Day 6

 Next stop Mae Hong Son!

We set off from Mae Sariang around 9:30 in the morning all looking forwards to arriving at our next destination – Tony and his team had been telling us what a wonderful ‘resort’ we’d be staying in and how Mae Hong Son is his favourite part of what’s already been a stunning adventure.

The drive today was incredible. More bends than you can count, up and over mountains, amazing views and towering forest. Definitely one of the most scenic parts of the world I’ve been to.

DAY 6 1

We made plenty of coffee shop breaks – somehow a hot coffee just makes the views even better! – and we also explored a cave near Mae La Noi which was pretty amazing, covered in crystals as far as the eye can see.

Once we were back on the road the temperature was hotting up again and we all appreciated the cooling breezes in the Tuk Tuks (who needs air-conditioning when you have a Tuk Tuk?)

DAY 6 5

By mid afternoon we arrived at our resort and wow, if anything Tony had been underplaying what an amazing place it was. Lovely bungalows dotted around rice fields, surrounded by forests and two, yes two, swimming pools. And the biggest draw for us all – a wonderful sunset bar where well earned cold beers may well have been sampled as the sun went down.

DAY 6 2

We decided to have dinner at the resort – a great mix of Thai and Burmese food all in a lovely laid back environment. A day off for the Tuk Tuks tomorrow and no driving so we all enjoyed a relatively late night and a few beers in our glorious surroundings.

DAY 6 3

What will tomorrow bring? Yet more adventure for sure and we were happy for Tony and his team to make some plans and lead us to see the very best of Mae Hong Son.


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