The 11 Day Tuk Tuk Adventure – a travellers diary, Day 11

DAY 10 3

The final day – many thanks Ella!

My diary of a Tuk Tuk Adventure Day 11

 A later start than normal today – perhaps a combination of the late night, beers and none of us wanting to actually go home – as we congregated for our last breakfast before heading back to Chiang Mai city.

We had time to wish our Tuk Tuks a fond farewell – and a few tears were shed! – and then it was time to jump into a minivan and head back to what felt like the ‘big city’ of Chiang Mai.

Arriving back in the city by lunchtime we all said our farewells – to the team who’d looked after us so well and given us the adventure of a life time and also to each other.


I had to fly back to Bangkok in the afternoon and spent the whole way wishing I was still up in the mountains behind the wheel of my lovely little Tuk Tuk (notice how I call it ‘mine’ ha ha). What a superb trip – so many different places I’d have never found on my own. Great insight throughout from the team guiding us and looking after is – I’m not sure there’s anything they don’t know! – and memories to last me a lifetime.

It won’t be long before I’m packing my bags again and re-joining The Tuk Tuk Club. As they told me throughout the trip, once you fall for a Tuk Tuk and Northern Thailand, that’s it – nothing quite ever feels as if it can live up to that experience.

Thanks Northern Thailand, Tuk Tuks and of course Tony and the team. An awesome adventure!

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