What’s the best time of year for adventure travel in Northern Thailand?

Simply put, Northern Thailand is perfect for an adventure any time of year! However, there are three distinct seasons all of which can create a different sort of adventure and experience. But, don’t let any season put you off – the mountains are as high, the people as friendly and the food as good whatever […]

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5 great things to do in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the gateway to Northern Thailand, the largest city in the region and the former capital of the Lan Na Kingdom. Packed with Temples, galleries, coffee shops and artsy boutiques it’s become a real hub for those looking for a more laid back Thailand perhaps reminiscent of years gone by. On top of […]

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Learning to drive a Tuk Tuk

I can clearly remember the very first time I got behind the ‘wheel’ of a Tuk Tuk in Thailand. A friend of a friend (of a friend of a friend!) had lent me his main source of income, ‘whatever you do don’t crash it’ were his parting words and my heart was beating at an […]

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Is ‘adventure travel’ still possible in Thailand?

Thailand and adventure travel have been synonymous for decades. With forests and mountains in the North, stunning beaches and islands in the South and myriad fascinating places in between, Thailand has been a draw to everyone with at least a semi-adventurous spirit for years. However, the success of Thailand in promoting itself as a core […]

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A drive to Pai (that’s ‘bye’ not ‘steak and kidney’!)

With a route to Pai already ‘carefully’ planned, including lots of adventurous roads along the way, there was nothing left to do but set off along the famous winding roads to this mecca of Northern Thailand mountain towns. However, as with so many a ‘good’ plan ours changed at the last minute. Joining me on […]

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The perfect trip to Doi Inthanon

A chilly January night keeping warm by the camp fire is not a scene that immediately springs to mind when thinking of travel in Thailand. What does come to mind? For most of us, me included, it might be the world famous beaches, the Temples and rich history, and for anyone that has already had […]

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Driving a Tuk Tuk around Thailand. Really???

Like lots of people I’ve spent much of my life being told that so many things aren’t possible, aren’t a good idea or are simply crazy and like lots of people I’ve spent far too much time listening to the doubters! However, I fell in love with Tuk Tuks back in the mists of time […]

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